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2015 X'mas Discount will be start from

20-Nov-2015 to 19-Dec-2015

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Avenger RX

D-mini VX2

IncenDio V3 Pure White


Avenger GX
MRV-SK v1.1

New Items Added : >>> Lumapower Upgrade Accessories <<<

All orders under USD20.00 subject to USD5.00 shipping cost.

New Lumapower Online

All New MRV with 2000 Lumens

Product review (CLICK HERE)

Translated in English (CLICK HERE)

MRV-SideKick U3 PLUS

Double the output and more...

Limited offer as a Free bundle to each flashlight you order.

Nano candle

Limited offer as a Free bundle to each flashlight you order.


D-mini EX2 now with Special Offer save more

D-mini EX2

D-mini VX2

The Avenger RX is now ready to ship

Avenger RX AIO


The STRIVE series now ready to ship [ORDER NOW]



New Product Beamshots Update

EDC LM36, CT-One (18650), D-mini VX2, STRIVE...

Indoor 1Meter, 3 Meter,

Outdoor 10Meter, 100 Meter


1 Meter Link

3 Meter Link

10 Meter Link

100 Meter Link

MRV-SK Ultra $

CT-One New members : now ready to ship

[CT-One 18650, CT-One AA, CT-One 123A]

CT-One series

CT-One series


New EDC LM36



Upgrade LED options : New XP-G2 now available, contact your local dealer for more info. Or visit our online shop to see the options.

With XP-G2 upgrade, you get 20% extra Lumens and more...

D-mini VX2

2012 New EDC LM series now ready to ship

2012 EDC LS series 3M beamshots

EDC LM series 1M beamshots

New EDC LM series

IncenDio V3U


MENTOR SX review (Germany) [CLICK HERE]

MENTOR SX review (English translated) [CLICK HERE]

MRV SideKick-IV review 1 (Germany) [CLICK HERE]

MRV SideKick-IV review 1 (English translated) [CLICK HERE]

New MRV SideKick-IV review 2 (Germany) [CLICK HERE]

New MRV SideKick-IV review 2 [CLICK HERE]

MVP SideKick 4
MRV SideKick IV

D-mini EX2

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Product Review in German [Click Here]

Product Review [Click Here] Google-Translate-in-English

D-mini EX2

IncenDio V3Upgrade

Product reviews of Signature LX [Click Here], [English Version]
Signature LX

Product reviews of Signature Tactical by Outdoor Television

Signature Tactical


Product reviews of MRV-SideKick Ultra III




2010 X'mas

Thank you for all your support in 2010 and wish you and family a great Christmas and Happy New Year 2011


TRUST Model-2

Introductory Offer @ USD69.5 FREE SHIP [CLICK HERE]

TRUST Model-2 video preview in German: [CLICK HERE]

TRUST Model-2 product reviews in German : [CLICK HERE]

TRUST Model-2 user review in English : [CLICK HERE]

TRUST Model-2 user review 2 in English : [CLICK HERE]

Order IncenDio V3 now, get Free upgrade to IncenDio V3+

IncenDio V3 plus

IncenDio GT Upgrade

TRUST Model-1


TRUST Model-1 product reviews in German : [CLICK HERE]

TRUST Model-1 product reviews in English (Google-Translate) : [CLICK HERE]

The IncenDio V3 now with XP-G R5 and 4-levels SMART UI


IncenDio V3 with XP-G R5

Butter Smooth Beam, Ultra Bright EDC flashlight.


Signature GX (equiped with XP-G R5)

Product's review : by [CLICK HERE]

English version (google translated) : [CLICK HERE]

Signature GX

Signature VX : BRIGHT, COMPACT, DURABLE (...details)

Product's review : by [CLICK HERE]

English version (google translated) : [CLICK HERE]

Signature VX

Signature Tactical edition : Outdoor Beamshots update

Signature Tactical edition : Beamshots

Signature tactical edition Signature Tactical edition working in EXTREME CONDITION !!!

Signature Tactical edition Video review by

The first acid test survived the lamp without complaint - this after 5 hours in the water tub in the cold -18 ° Celsius freezer. Thus, caching in the current outside temperature is no problem with the Signature. Even after the test had no moisture drops to discover. All functions of the lamp was spotless after the liberation from the ice. (read more...)

Signature tactical edition

D-mini VX Ultra Pre-Order save USD39.5

D-mini VX Ultra Product review : CLICK HERE (by

Translated (Enlish) : CLICK HERE (by

IncenDio V3

IncenDio V3

D-mini VX now Power UP with Tele-Force

[09-Nov-2009] IncenDio V3 outdoor beamshots update (details)
[31-Oct-2009] New models beamshots update (IncenDio V3_3M) (details))
[30-Oct-2009] New models beamshots update (MT-E_3M)...(details)
[21-Oct-2009] New models beamshots update (MT-E_1M)...(details)
[20-Oct-2009] New models beamshots update (IncenDio V3_1M)...(details)
[19-Oct-2009] New models beamshots update (Vantage_1M)...(details)
[15-Oct-2009] New models beamshots update (Vantage, MT-E)...(details)
[10-Oct-2009] D-mini VX ready to ship...(more info , Intro. , Specifications.)
[28-Sep-2009] Encore-Power Up...(more photos added)
[24-Sep-2009] Lumapower Tool-Light "Vantage" pre-release (details)
[29-Aug-2009] Lumapower Encore-Power Up (details)
[13-Aug-2009] Lumapower Tool-Light "MENTOR"(details)
[28-July-2009] Special Offer "Lumapower EncoRE"...(details)
[15-June-2009] Lumapower's 1st AAA size digital EDC flashlight AVENGER-GX ready to ship..(learn more)
[29-Apr-2009] If you think you know D-mini, THINK AGAIN...(details)
[01-Apr-2009] New Turbo Force for "ConneXion X2" and "EncoRE" ..(details)
[20-Jan-2009] Digital EDC "ConneXion X2"...(details)
[20-Jan-2009] Lumapower Premium Pocket Light...(details)


We have been receiving many inquiries and complaints that there are Lumapower products being sold at abnormal price in some web shops recently. We have investigated and certified that these are FAKE Lumapower flashlights which include LumaHunter MRV and LumaCraft D-mini. Please note that we would not provide any warranty or after sales service and support to these fake Lumapower products.

Respecting and supporting intellectual property, please do not buy anything from pirates. Genuine Lumapower products are being distributed by our
authorized dealers.

Started from Oct 2007, Alll Lumapower flashlights' serial number will be recorded within our database before ex-factory. Please make sure to registered your product(s) to get the full warranty service. This can help buyers and users to idendify genuine Lumapower products.

If you have any questions please contact us!:


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